What would be a good and reliable source of adult websites?

Looking for fresh adult content, but don’t know where to start?

The adult industry is growing more and more, every day new xxx websites being added in the mix. Which is a good thing, but it also makes it difficult to keep it up with the changes and what is hot and what is not. Finding high quality cam sites or free tube sites can be quite a drag, especially since search engines are not big fans of the adult niche.


For some reasons, they want to ignore as much as possible this part of the web as it would be that nasty cousin you’re ashamed you’re related to. I guess the world is not quite ready to speak freely of subjects like sexuality, porn and anything else related to this topic. They should remain in the shadows and god forbid you want to look around for some good high quality porn sites.

But who knows? Maybe things will take a turn for the better at this aspect as well. But until then, you need reliable and solid options to get a good porn websites list.

Since search engines are not gonna be a big help, what is your alternative? Well, in my opinion, the solution would be to choose a good adult directory list. And not one that is focusing on escorting services or meeting for sex. Unless that’s what you’re looking for. Personally, I am more interested in free tube sites, niche adult sites (like fetishes, BDSM) and my favorite: live cam sites. Why? This is how I get my groove on, nothing wrong with that, right?


What is the best adult directory that you can go to?

After a thorough search (and yeah, I had to do a thorough one, because most of the xxx websites were giving me false promises), I came across a few good adult directory websites that were actually providing some real high quality suggestions. I actually found out some new live cam sites. Well, new to me, apparently they’ve been around for a while. For instance I never knew about AdultWork, which is an awesome adult website with live webcams, escort services, adult galleries and videos. And it’s super convenient for the models as well, as they get 70% of what they earn, which is considerable more compared to other live cam sites (where at most they would get 50%).


However, my favorite one is AdultDirectoryNew.com which is an excellent porn website list, compiling one of the most interesting xxx websites in the industry. I could find here everything my heart desires: top cam sites, top cam girls, free live cam sites, free tube sites, tranny cams, Asian cams, fetish cams and many more. They even have toon live cams, whatever that may be. Yeah, I get it: animations of CGI characters having sex. No judging, if that’s your thing, then go ahead. Personally, I like watching real life women getting naked for me.

And to top things off, this adult directory site even does reviews of the most viewed and appreciated adult sites. They seem very thorough and actually make some sense. Not some shitty spinned texted with a bunch of keywords just to make it okay for the search engines. Apparently they have 2-3 people that are in charge only with reviewing live cam sites and scraping the web for new adult content. Maybe they have an opening, because I think this job would be  fit for me too!


So, all in all, what can you do to find the best adult websites?

Just choose a good adult directory list, or maybe more, and visit them whenever you feel like making a choice. You may get suggestions and ideas that you didn’t consider before. AND you may end up having more fun than expected. For instance, when I first landed on AdultDirectoryNew, I saw a category called adult games, and there was a site there that was similar to chatroulette.


Except that it was filled with real live cam girls that would play with you in exchange of sexual favors. No, it’s not free, but it’s not as expensive as you may think. Actually, if I am not mistaken, I paid less than on a live cam site, and I had more fun. I don’t know, I guess the whole concept was intriguing. Going from cam to cam, not knowing what to expect, plus being able to play games it made it more special.

However, it all comes down to your preferences. If you’re strictly into gay cams, then there are some good gay directories out there. However, I am more into general/amateur so AdultDirectoryNew does the trick for me. Maybe you can try it as well, and let me know what you think.

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