Which are the best live cam sites out there?

Looking for a good live cam site? Perhaps your answer lays here…

Finding the best live cam site available in the adult industry can be a real hard task, as there are so many live cam sites and so versatile, each of them trying to differentiate from the other with something extra. However, if you come to think about it, at the end, it comes down to your preferences and what you’re into sexually. So all I can do here is offer you my humble opinion on which I consider to be the best live cam site, and what are my reasons for such a choice.


I’ve been around these type of websites for many years (I think soon I will go on 8) and I’ve had tons of fun meeting new live cam girls from all over the world. Now, you may find that kind of sad, but if you’re to have a closer look, you’ll realize that these live cam sites it’s more than just sex. Frankly, if you only want sex, then you might as well go to a porn site, watch a video, do your business and move on. Don’t get me wrong: I too do that from time to time, especially when I get super horny.

But most of the times, I enjoy live interaction, as I would like to have more control of what happens, and obviously I get the tools to play out MY sexual fantasy not someone else’s.  And if you log on to a live cam site, that’s exactly what you will get to do: choose a model of your liking, check out her/his preferences, have a nice chat (which is usually free) and then go for it. Go to a live sex private and go wild, explore yourself and also watch the model go crazy too. Nothing beats a live orgasm, trust me!


What are the criteria for choosing the best live cam site?

Obviously, before making my decision on which one is THE BEST live cam site, I had to take into consideration certain criteria, which are most important in my eyes. You may think different, and you are more than welcomed to comment about YOUR preferences. I am always interested in discovering new elements, especially when it comes to live cam sites.

So, my criteria are based upon the following:

Number of cam models online: I like to have the possibility to make a good choice, and that can only be obtained if I see at least 100 live cams at once. You may think 100 is a LOT (and indeed it is), but I’ve turned quite picky, and until I find the perfect cam girl for the night, I may go through 20-30 live cams. So, the more live cams the better. It also means you can expect diversity, which is always a good thing as everybody has their own taste. Personally I am into brunettes with nice asses and preferably a friendly personality. I can’t stand those stuck up women who think of themselves as some godsend and that I should be thankful just because they said hi. But that’s me. Maybe you like blondes with big tits, or Asians, or ebony cam girls (the asses on them, YUMMY) or perhaps you’re into gay cams. Whatever you like, that is up to you, but it would be great to have where to choose from.


Quality of the live cams. If they’re not HD live cams then I am definitely out. The whole sexual experience can be mesmerizing if you do it with a girl that is streaming a HD live cam. The clarity, the quality and the details are amazing. Just what you need to make sure that you’ll have a good time, and imagine yourself being there and actually having sex with that girl in any position you want.

The site’s interface: if it’s a very complicated interface that is even crashing at times, then that will definitely make things go wrong. It has happened to me during the past, and it was quite frustrating and very annoying. You need to go to a site that is working perfectly, without any weird bugs or glitches (not to mention spammy links or god knows what).

The prices. Yup, this is an important aspect, and I have a feeling it’s also important to you too. I see no reason in paying a ton of money for having some innocent fun in a live sex private. It should be reasonable, of course, but not over the top. I came across live cam sites that were asking 6$/min for a private. I find that a bit ridiculous, especially when you have very good alternatives for at least half that price. And the girls are also very hot!

Bonuses and promotions. When you make a subscription for such a live cam site, then you should also receive some bonuses or extra credits to spend every now and then. I find this normal, as it’s good customer service behavior. And it will also encourage me to spend more, as I feel like I am appreciated.

These would be the main points for me, that I always consider before choosing a live cam site. If you have other ideas, really, do let me know!


So which live cam site is the winner?

banner5Now, the moment of truth, the moment we’ve all been waiting for (or maybe not). In my opinion, the award for best live cam site goes to LiveJasmin. It has tons of free live cams at once, tons of categories (models of all races, shapes, colors, age, fetishes, you name it!), the interface is great (not some crazy color scheme, no crashes) and all the cams are HD. Also, the prices are not too steep either, as you can have your live sex private with something like 2.49$/min or even lower.

AND they do offer you signup bonuses and other regular bonuses to spend through your membership. Also access to a bunch of sex vides and galleries. Honestly, I wouldn’t know what to change about this live cam site to make it better!

Give it a try, and let me know!

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